Fried Egg Sandwich

If I had to pick the one food I missed the most when I went vegan it would have to be fried egg sandwiches. Well, those days are now over thanks to Cadrys Kitchen Eggy Tofu!  Not only does it taste like the real thing but it's super quick to make. Black salt is crucial to this recipe because it is the ingredient that gives it the egg-like scent and taste. It does not taste the same as regular salt nor pink Himalayan salt. Like regular salt, you should not consume too much of it on a daily basis. I just treat myself to this once in a while. 

1 block extra firm tofu
black salt* (also called Kala Namak)
freshly ground pepper
2 pieces of bread (gluten-free)
coconut oil or vegan margarine 

Heat a non-stick pan and drizzle with olive oil. Cut off 4 slices of tofu. Lightly brown one side of each tofu slab. Flip over: sprinkle with black salt and pepper. Once other side is lightly browned: flip it over and sprinkle with some black salt and pepper. Remove from heat. Let cool for a few minutes. Toast bread and spread coconut oil or vegan margarine (palm oil free) on one side of each piece of toasted bread then add tofu slices. 

*Black salt is pink-grey in color and can be found at Indian grocery stores. DO NOT buy pink Himalayan salt that just tastes like regular salt. It is not the same thing as black salt.