Coleslaw with Fresh Restaurants Jalapeno and Lime Sauce


Lately, I've been obsessed with eating crunchy, super foods like cabbage, carrots and broccoli. To switch things up I decided to try adding Fresh Restaurant's jalapeno and lime sauce to my crunchy veggie mix. Wow what a great combo! Fresh Restaurant uses this sauce on their tacos. I had it with their Tofu Tacos. I love this dish. I'll share it with you in the future. You can try their Zucchini Tacos in the meantime. I haven't tried those. I don't like zucchini.

Cabbage is still one of the veggies out there that is still inexpensive and it keeps fresh for a really long time. Check out....More reasons to love cabbage!

In A Rush - No time for shredding, slicing and grating then you can buy a bag of coleslaw that has super food veggies in it, although fresh is always best nutritionally and cost wise. If you have a store bought mayo like vegenaise the sauce will take you less than 10 minutes to make.

Pick any or all of the following super foods to make your coleslaw.....

carrot, shredded 
brussel sprouts, slice and hard middle part removed
kale, chopped, fresh or frozen, thawed
broccoli, chopped into small pieces

Slice off a large piece of cabbage from the head of the cabbage. Use a mandolin to thinly sliced the piece of cabbage. Remove cabbage from mandolin and put on a chopping board. Cut the sliced cabbage into smaller pieces. Put all your  shredded, chopped and sliced veggies into a large container with a lid and mix. I usually make about 3 days worth. When ready to eat add some of the mixed veggies to a bowl. Then add some jalapeno & lime sauce and mix well to coat.

Jalapeno & Lime Sauce:  
1 cup vegan mayonnaise
1/2 cup fresh cilantro leaves, finely chopped (optional)*
1 -3 Tbsp pickled jalapeno peppers, finely chopped (I use 1 1/2 Tbsp)*
2 Tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice
2 - 6 cloves garlic, grated (I use 2 cloves, I found 6 to be just too much)
In a bowl, whisk together all the ingredients. Makes about 1 cup.


*Add less of the jalapenos and garlic when first making this recipe. Then after you've made the sauce you can always increase the amount according to your taste. 

*Instead of using cilantro you can also add some coriander powder, add amount according to taste. I sprinkle coriander powder on my coleslaw when fresh cilantro is not available.

I did doubled the sauce recipe so you will have leftover sauce. I always like to make extra so I can have some to put in the freezer. Or you can use it on other things like tacos, wraps, sandwiches and salads.