We've Come A Long Way Baby!

Wow I feel old, it’s hard to believe when I was in my early teens there was no tofu, non-dairy milk or any meat substitutes in any supermarkets…there was NOTHING. You had to go to a health food store to get non-dairy milk and tofu. Vegan meat and cheese substitutes did not even exist! I never heard the word Vegan used back then. I can’t get over how much things have changed in my life time. I’m now 50 years old. Not only are there tons of vegan products in supermarkets but Germany has opened up the first totally Vegan supermarket called Veganz. They plan to open up 20 more stores in the next 2 1/2 years! (a new store every 2 months) Check out this video of Veganz you’ll probably be like me and see tons of products or brands you never knew existed.

When I was young there were no computers! With the invention of the computer came access to fellow vegans, ending that dreaded isolation many of us can feel. We have access to all the many wonderful vegan blogs online. There were not many vegetarian restaurants when I was young…I don’t remember any vegan restaurants.

One the best things to come along for me was Daiya cheese. Until Daiya came along there were some pretty gross vegan cheeses out there so I just gave up thinking I could ever enjoy a cheese pizza again (since turning vegan). I can now make a cheese pizza at home or pick one up from a Mammas Pizza. Yes…. a gluten-free with vegan cheese (Daiya brand) pizza is now available from a Major Pizzeria Franchise. I highly recommend trying the Vegan Primavera at Mama’s Pizza (that's the pizza pictured above). I will be bring one over to my guys, sisters place for my Christmas dinner along with a side dish of some yummy grilled vegetables (recipe for those will be my next post)

Momma's Pizza Menu

I'm grateful for many things each year…good health (well except for the Celiac disease of course…lol) having a wonderful my guy in life….blah blah  blah…This year I would like to add that I'm grateful there are so many delicious vegan products out there especially Vegan Primavera pizza from Mama’s Pizza.