January 5, 2012

My Favorite Exercise DVD's


Well the party is over and I can’t think of a better time than after the holidays to share with you my favorite exercise DVDs. My exercise routine is simple…. I exercise Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for an hour. The hour consists of cardio, weight training and abs. But when I have been naughty over the holidays I have to do extra so I add cardio on Tuesdays and Thursday. If you click on the links under each DVD suggestion you can watch a short segment of the workout. I doing kick boxing, stability ball, weighted bar, yoga and Pilates. It’s good to mix it up so your muscles don’t get use to doing the same thing. 

Beginner Routines

These are 2 great DVDs if your new to exercising or if you’ve fallen off the wagon and are getting back into it again.

Walk Slim - Leslie Sansone (beginner)

When I first got this I found one major flaw I hated hearing Leslie Sansone’s non-stop chatting during the routine but then I discovered it had a music option meaning you can turn her off and just do the routine to the music…Making this a perfect walking routine with great upbeat music that inspires you to move and low impact (no jumping). It’s a 2 DVD set …1 and 2 mile walk the other is a fast 3 mile walk.


Get Moving - Chris Freytag (beginner)

Chris Freytag is upbeat but not too perky. She always gets me into the routine even when I start out not wanting to do anything. I just noticed someone gave this DVD on College Video a negative review. She said… “I have been exercising for 7 years and do a combination of aerobics and strength building exercises but these workouts I did not care for.” Well all I can say is it’s beyond me why someone working out for 7 years would still be doing a beginners workout and she is probably not happy because she is not being challenged enough - time for intermediate or advance workouts…duh. This workout not only offers a great low impact cardio routine but also upper body toning, low body strengthening, core building and yoga.


Yoga For Back Care – Rodney Yee (beginner)

I had problems with lower back pain but ever since I started doing simple stretching exercises I’m virtually pain free now. I do this DVD every morning. It's 25 minutes long. It’s filmed outside. I’m sucker for beautiful scenery and peaceful music. Oh and Rodney Yee isn’t too hard on the eyes either. His voice is very calming to listen to. This was my first time buying a DVD with this instructor but it certainly won’t be my last. I was able to buy this DVD at my local Shoppers Drugmart for $9.99


Yoga Conditioning – For Weight Loss (beginner and intermediate)

I have to agree with one review…..I’m not sure why it’s called yoga for weight loss, because it’s not a fast moving yoga like power yoga. But that’s fine with me I use it to improve my balance and for toning. Beautiful red rock desert setting and quiet music sooth you into a wonderful yoga routine that you will love. I’ve already given this DVD to 3 of my friends for gifts. I do this DVD every Sunday.


Stability Ball Workouts

A stability ball works multiple muscles at one time while forcing your body to balance itself. This creates a very effective and challenging workout. When sitting on the ball, lifting weights additional muscles are activated that work to keep you balanced on the ball. That means you are now working harder and essentially getting more bang for your buck while not increasing your exercise time. It improves a person’s balance. It is believed that using a stabilty ball can to improve the stability of your spine and reduce the risk of back pain in sedentary individuals. Doing a push-up on a stability ball uses more muscles than if a standard push-up was performed (It can increase muscle fibers).

Balanceball Core Cross Train - Tanja Djelevic (intermidate)

Here is another great workout with a lovely background it was filmed outdoors in the Arizona Canyon Lands. The moves are very unique, fun and surprisingly challenging! No cardio just great toning.



Kickboxing will work out the entire body and not just target areas. Kickboxing allows for women to strengthen, tone and reduce fat all at the same time. Since kickboxing is a total-body workout, women will also increase flexibility, burn calories, improve coordination and increase cardiovascular fitness. Unlike many workouts kickboxing can be fun to do!

I can’t pick up on fancy moves or complex chorography just basic moves please and these DVDs deliver. Kickboxing is my favorite type of exercise. To get as much as I can out of every workout I wear weighted gloves with every kickbox video that I do.

Knockout Body – Jessica Smith (intermediate)

I love this workout and I love Jessica Smith. Jessica is fun, upbeat but serious at the same time. The music goes so well with this workout. I recommended this workout to a friend and she likes doing it as much as I do.


Kick Start Your Metabolism – Chris Freytag (intermediate)

Chris Freytag and Jessica Smith are my favorite fitness instructors so you can imagine my surprise when I saw that Jessica Smith is one of the background exercisers on this DVD. I love instructors that have good and positive energy and that are not overly chatty. Chris Freytag really looks like she is enjoying what she's doing and she makes you enjoy it as well. The moves are done at the right pace which allows anyone to keep good form and really work the muscles you should be working instead of quick, staccato jarring movements all over the place that are of no benefit and can cause injury. It flows. It is fun. It's engaging.



Strong abs improves your posture, by helping you stand up straighter and taking the strain off of your back. Decreases your risks of back injury. When lifting heavy objects it is easy to strain your back, which is why strong abdominal muscles help prevent back injuries - your abs will share some of the load. Decrease your risk of developing heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. This is because by working your abs you are burning body fat, and the less body fat that you have the lower your risk is to develop these diseases. A girl name Suzie left the following comment.... the exercise that works the abdominal muscles the hardest also puts essentially the most pressure on the lower back and that exercise is double hanging leg raises. She is so right that's why I want to mention Billy's Ultimate Bootcamp, listed below in my bootcamp section has many double hanging leg raises in it and I always modify them by keeping one leg down and bent so I'm only lifting one at a time and keep my head raise in a crunch position.

Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs - Jackie Warner (intermediate)

2 workouts both 17 minutes long one is done standing up and the other is done on the mat. This has to be one of the best core workouts I've come across. Great instruction, timing, and best of all, it works. Considering this is not billed a "cardio" workout, you still will work up a sweat. Modifications for less advanced folks which I found myself using at times because both workouts are challenging but doable. This is great to add onto another workout that is missing or does not have enough of an ab workout for you. I was able to buy this DVD at my local Shoppers Drugmart for $9.99


Bootcamp Workouts

These are workouts I do especially when I need to slim down/look my best before doing certain animal rights demonstrations. Sometimes standing outside in front of many people wearing a skin tight outfit, my underwear or sometimes even topless behind a sign….yikes. (some pictures at the bottom of this blog...now don't start getting excited I'm 48 years old...lol)

Xtreme Timesaver Training - Jackie Warner
(high intermediate)

Although this workout does not have the fun factor like Billy Blanks Ultimate Bootcamp or Jessica Smith’s Ultimate Bootcamp (both listed below) this is still a great workout! It's a challenging workout that will leave you sweating by the end. She a serious trainer and you only have to see her body especially her abs to know she knows how to get results. Has a modifier exerciser and yes I do have to follower her at times. I was able to buy this DVD at my local Shoppers Drugmart for $9.99


Billy's Ultimate Bootcamp – Billy Planks (high intermediate)

Ah an oldie but goodie. I’ve done this workout for a long time. Although they use special bands for the weight portion of the workout you really don’t need them in fact I have them and I just use 3 pound weights. Billy Planks is tough but fair. This workout will kick your butt. I think the music is great, really gets you going.


Ultimate Boot Camp - Jessica Smith
(high intermediate to advance)

The segments goes by FAST and each segment got/kept my heart rate up. All the moves have a fresh & unique feel to them without being complicated or confusing. I felt my muscles being worked in a different way than traditional strength training moves. She adds in agility moves and balance work as well.

Don’t be a hero…don’t try to do it all the first time or you will be in serious pain the following day….I know this from experience.


Anti Skins Peta Tour - London - Ontario - November 3, 2011

Anti Skins Peta Tour - Windsor - November 4, 2011

Compassion For Animals - National Anti Fur Demonstration 
 Hamilton - Feb 14, 2011 

Then Laura Lee came down from the mountain. Held in her hands were two tablets inscribed were the words... Have A Heart Don't Buy Fur.....