Attach Animal Rights Leaflets to Halloween Candy!

Make Halloween count by letting people know about the cruelty animals endure every day. Fold up animal rights leaflets and using an elastic band attach it to the candy you plan to give out. You can also include a strip of animal rights stickers too or directly put the stickers onto the candy!

Sure some children may be way too young to read and understand the ligature but their parents aren’t and parents do inspect young children’s candy.

If you don’t have any leaflets because it’s too late to order any ….grrr (I will send this same notice out earlier next year) You can always print leaflets on your own printer or you can email a leaflet download to a printing place like UPS, Kinko’s or my favorite place PostNet. It really doesn’t cost very much.

So what leaflets should you send out? It’s really up to you. I happen to have many at my home so I decide to use …

Think Before You Eat

Fur-Free and Fabulous
What’s Wrong with Dairy

The most important one I feel to get out is one on veganism because once you can get people to think of animals as more than just food it has a domino effect…they will start thinking about how other animals are being treated.

Leaflet downloads….

Activist Resources

You can also make your own leaflets…

Making Leaflets

* Please do not buy any vegan candy with palm oil....

About Palm Oil