My 2 Favorite Recipes For My Garden Fresh Tomatoes...

Hummus Quesadillas
Rachael Ray calls this recipe Cheeseless Quesadillas I like to call it Hummus Quesadillas. Regardless of what they should be called I've be addicted to them ever since I tried them. They so refreshing. The only thing I do different from her recipe is I don't add the roasted peppers.
At the time I took this picture I hadn't found a good recipe for making my own soft tortillas so I was using Chipotle Corn Tostadas for my Hummus Quesadillas (that's what was used in the picture)
Pico de Gallo 
I hear you either love cilantro or you hate it and there is no in between. The first time I had it was in a salsa I had in while on holidays in the Dominican Republic. I fell in love with it! Give it a try. Fresh cilantro is very cheap and it's available in the produce section in supermarkets.